If you’re trying to find a method of getting fuller, bigger your hair without the need for harsh chemicals or extensions necessitating clips or glue, then i-tip extensions may be the perfect solution! This sort of extension is made from individual locks and may be attached quickly and easily by using a Professional Hair Extensions special instrument referred to as an i-idea applicator. Within this post, we are going to talk about the advantages of utilizing i-tip extensions, how you can use them properly, and a few techniques for trying to keep your own hair looking its finest.

I-tip extensions are specific strands of hair linked to your all-natural hair with small steel beads. They are often put on in any type, such as updos and ponytails, and they’re available in various shades to fit your head of hair color.

I-tip extensions are a great option if you’re trying to find a more long lasting answer than clip-in extensions, but they’re still not too difficult to set in and remove on your own. The largest disadvantage to i-tip extensions is simply because they might be pricey, nevertheless they may last for a few months in the event you look after them properly.

How to get i-tip extensions:

To obtain i-tip extensions, you will need:

-i-hint applicator resource

-beading threader (recommended)

-extension hair

-your hair clips (optionally available)

Begin by sectioning away from the part of your head where you want to make an application for the extensions. Then, talk to an experienced hair dresser if you’re uncertain the best places to position them.

Using the i-tip applicator resource, unlock a little bead after a strand of extension hair. Push the bead as a result of the main of your own natural head of hair then push it up again until it’s about an in . from your scalp. Repeat this approach until your extension your hair is location.

If you’re having difficulty together with the beads sliding out, you can try employing a beading threader to aid secure them. As soon as all of your current extension hair is within spot, you can style it as being typical. Take care not to draw around the extensions a lot of, since this can make them emerge.

To care for your i-tip extensions, stay away from tough shampoos or conditioners, and brush them lightly using a gentle-bristled remember to brush. You should also prevent sleeping with drenched extension locks, as this may cause tangles and damage.